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Raising Rarities offers a fine selection of Cypripedium hybrids and species     

Below are some of our select Cypripedium for this season:


Michael-200x194 Eurasia Barry Philps Ursel tgh

   C. Michael              C. Eurasia           C. Barry Philipps          C. Ursel           C. Michael White

th Pixi-200x200 Jimmy Orange Sunny Paul-200x200

C. Ulli                       C. Pixi           C. Jimmy Orange          C.Sunny             C. Paul

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kentuckiense images  formosanum gutatum-200x200 parvi_var_pubs_FP-200x200
C. kentuckiense   C. pubescens   C. formosanum           C. gutatum          C. parviflorum
reginae_alba-200x200 thTRXCORSJ download-22-200x200 hotei shanxiense
C. reginae Alba      C. franchetii         C. tibeticum C. hotei-atsumorianum C shanxiense



Cypripedium Maria group


  1. Philipp                               C. Philipp cluster
  2. Philipp_3 Philipp_2

Above is C. Philipp an outstanding hybrid cross between C. macranthos X C. kentuckiense.

Please watch this short video below and see Philipp in the garden on a crisp spring day.

.            C.  candidum X C. fasciolatum                                     C.Maria 

candidumxfasciolatum Maria2

This is a beautiful example of how Cyps. can look in your garden. 


Pluto’ has very large blooms on compact shoots and is a real eye catcher best suited at the front of an orchid bed.

Hybrid Cypripediums can look like this in your garden.

Gisela2 sabine
 Cypripediums Gisela and Sabine

Victoria Victoria_group1cropped

  1. Victoria is a cross between C. pubescens and C. fasciolatum                   Compare the size of the flowers to the azalia behind C. Victoria

C. Micheal Pastel                       C .Aki

MichaelPastel akiakiaki

C. Ulla Silkens                           C. Dietrich

Ulla%20Silkens%202 Dietrich


Cypripedium Ventricosum Pastel is selected for its pale pastel hues. 


‘Raising Rarities’ is most interested in offering the hardy orchid enthusiast the Cypripedium species, known commonly as hardy ‘Lady’s-Slipper Orchids’. We are also interested in all native hardy orchids and understanding how they grow and propagate. 
Any plant is rare for two main reasons, a slow growth rate and special growth requirements.
Other reasons include plant collection and unmanaged land development with respect to the
diversity of its ecology, both of which we are opposed to.

For these reasons we are pleased to offer plants that are grown from seed in-vitro, or artificially in sterilized flasks and formula. We also offer plants that are rescued from the wild with permission from state authorities on land that is destined for roadwork or development.

We hope that you enjoy the beauty of the Cypripediums we offer on this site.

In the following pages we hope that you can further enjoy our beautiful gardens where we display these and other rare beauties of nature and the orchid species.

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C. parviflorum is the smaller yellow native       This is a fine example of a mature  Cypripedium and usually has darker petals.            plant of C.   kentuckiense.