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The ‘Garden Sanctuary’ began in August, 1994, when Roger Zielinski, its founder and creator, wanted to develop a public display of antique roses and 17th century gardens.  Mr. Zielinski was given the opportunity to begin this garden on the west side of the former ‘Martin School’, now known as ‘Common Space Two’ which is a ‘Center for Creativity and the Arts’ operated by the Arts Council Lake Erie West with two locations in Toledo, one in Bowling Green and an historical environmental center in Grand Rapids, Ohio.Mr. Zielinski’s  interest for antique roses and gardening grew into a passion for hardy Lady’s Slipper Orchids and rare plants that could survive a Zone 5 [to -20 degree F] status.

We especially want to thank “Whiteford Road Green House” of Toledo Ohio, for their continued support of the Garden Sanctuary and the Garden Nursery. Their support has brought about allot more color to the garden and revenue for the support of the Garden Nursery through plant sale.

Whiteford Road Green House
4554 Whiteford Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43623 open 7 days
Over 2500 varieties

Thank You Roger, April, Eddie and Cypress

View of the West side of the “Garden Sanctuary” this shot was taken just prior to our “Celebration of Roses” event.

At this time, the garden is a ‘work in progress’ due to lack of funding.  Nonetheless, the garden has progressed with plant sales at the “Garden Nursery” and its annual event “The Celebration of Roses.” Donated funds and volunteers from the community help sustain its growth.

This view of the mound acts as a physical barrier that adds a fantastic view from above, adding greatly the aesthetics of the garden.

The Garden Sanctuary is situated on about 2 1/2 acres of land surrounding the former school building. The most developed area is the original West Garden that includes a pond, arbors, large topiary shrubs and boxwoods lining the antique rose and flower beds. This area is dedicated to the original idea of displaying the 17th century gardens of France. Large urns and statuary give the garden a classic look incorporated with naturalized areas. This allows our visitors to perceive how gardening might have been around the time of the Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. She first imported roses from China and made rose growing fashionable ever since.

The fragrance of the “Rose Walk” in full bloom is incredible beginning the month of June.

On the North and East sides of the building are shade gardens that hug the building all the way around with raised rock walls of sandstone and very rare woodland plants including a nice collection of native and Asian Cypripedium species. On the Northwest and Northeast corners of the garden are two large mounds, which give a wonderful over view of the garden from either side. Newer additions include two bog gardens that flank an island surrounded by a moat. A wrought iron fence surrounds the garden and provides a protective, yet decorative, divider from the busy roadways. Each picket is topped with thefleur de lis emblem in respect to the French origin of the ‘Garden Sanctuary’.

Rose arbors give the West garden a stately appearance.

We especially invite you to visit ‘The Garden Sanctuary,’ located at 10 S. Holland-Sylvania Rd. in Toledo, Ohio, or phone: 419-866-4241. It is opendawn to dusk every day of the year but the best time to visit is between mid April and all of June when the blossoming of roses and other flora are most intense throughout many areas of the garden. ‘The Celebration of Roses’ is always held the first Sunday in June. This year it is June 4th 2006. In July, we have a hollyhock display that will knock your socks off and free hollyhock seed with any purchase at the ‘Garden Nursery’. The rest of the season boasts with color from lilies, day lilies and many other late blooming perennials. Please come and join us for our festivities or just to view this most unlikely and sumptuous display of flora and garden design found in the best of gardens in Europe.

Welcome to the “Garden Nursery” – supporter of the “Garden Sanctuary”
Donations are always welcome to support our public garden.
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